Technical Programs

Emerging Application or Methodologies Papers

The goal of the emerging application track is to "bridge the gap" between basic AI research and deployed AI applications, by discussing efforts to apply AI tools, techniques, or methods to real world problems. Emerging applications are on aspects of AI applications that are not appropriate for deployed application case studies, or are not sufficiently deployed to be submitted as case studies. This track is distinguished from reports of scientific AI research appropriate for the AAAI-10 Conference in that the objective of the efforts reported here should be the engineering of AI applications.

Deployed Application Case Study Papers

Case-study papers must describe deployed applications with measurable benefits that include some aspect of AI technology. The application needs to have been in production use by their final endusers (typically for at least three months). The case study may evaluate either a stand-alone application or a component of a complex system.

Conference Committee

IAAI-10 Chair

Nestor Rychtyckyj (Ford Motor Company)

IAAI-10 Cochair

Daniel G. Shapiro (ISLE)

Program Committees

Carl Andersen (BBN Technologies)
Mark Boddy (Adventium Labs)
Ron Brachman (Yahoo! Labs)
William Cheetham (General Electric)
Steve Chien (Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
James Crawford (Google)
Jon Curtis (Cycorp)
David Ferrucci (IBM)
Markus Fromherz (PARC)
Matt Gaston (General Dynamics C4 Systems)
Chris Geib (University of Edinburgh)
Mehmet H. Goker (Strands Labs)
Henry G. Goldberg (SAIC)
David Gunning (Vulcan)
Karen Haigh (BBN Technologies)
Mike Hewett (Hewett Research)
Neil Jacobstein (Teknowledge)
Hector Munoz-Avila (Lehigh University)
Ted E. Senator (SAIC)
Hideo Shimazu (NEC System Technologies)
Howard E. Shrobe (MIT)
Reid G. Smith (Marathon Oil Corporation)
Ramasamy Uthurusamy (General Motors Corporation (Retired))
David Weir (Toyota Info Technology Center)
Peter Yeh (Accenture Technology Labs)
G. Michael Youngblood (University of North Carolina at Charlotte)